Chris Pratt Thanks His ‘Lord And Savior Jesus Christ’ During Acceptance Speech

Chris Pratt is an amazing and talented actor! He has been in many tv shows and movies, some of the most popular being the show “Parks and Recreation” and the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” When he won the “Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi” award for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the Teen Choice Awards, the actor graciously got up on stage to accept the award and thanked a few people that were standing around. However, he had another very important person to thank, his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We have heard of Chris Pratt’s love for Jesus before, and this acceptance speech makes our hearts so happy!

Another time Chris Pratt spoke openly about his faith was during an interview with Variety, Pratt told an amazing story about how he came to know Jesus:

I was sitting outside a grocery store — we’d convinced someone to go in and buy us beer. This is Maui. And a guy named Henry came up and recognized something in me that needed to be saved. He asked what I was doing that night, and I was honest. I said, “My friend’s inside buying me alcohol.” “You going to go party?” he asked. “Yeah.” “Drink and do drugs? Meet girls, fornication?” I was like, “I hope so.”

I was charmed by this guy, don’t know why. He was an Asian dude, maybe Hawaiian, in his 40s. It should’ve made me nervous but didn’t. I said, “Why are you asking?” He said, “Jesus told me to talk to you . . .” At that moment I was like, I think I have to go with this guy. He took me to church. Over the next few days, I surprised my friends by declaring that I was going to change my life.

Watch Chris Pratt’s amazing acceptance speech in the video below:

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