Celine Dion Celebrates Mom’s 91st Birthday With Sweet Duet

Celine Dion has such an incredible and memorable voice, there is truly no other singer with talent quite like hers! Dion’s music has influenced people of all ages throughout the years, and it is truly a j0y to watch her perform some of these iconic songs. And, she’s not the only talented singer in the family! To celebrate her dear mother’s 91st birthday, Dion posted a heartwarming photo that shows the powerful love this duo shares between them!

The singer marked the occasion by sharing a photo of a meaningful mother-daughter moment on her Instagram account. The sweet picture showed the mother and daughter singing together with the caption: “Happy Birthday, Mom!” the 49-year-old wrote in the caption. “You are an infinite source of comfort and inspiration. I love you.”

Dion’s mother has supported her daughter’s music career from the very beginning. When Dion was just 12 years old, she wrote her first song with the help of her mom and her brother Jacques. And, the singer’s sweet message to her mom came just two and a half weeks after she shared a similar post to celebrate her late father. In that post, she shared a picture of her father and wrote: “Papa, you would have been 95 years old today,” she wrote. “I think of you and I love you.”

Dion’s father, Adhemar-Charles Dion, died back in 2003. Dion’s parents are both musicians themselves and were married for 48 years. Dion is the youngest of their 14 children.


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