Cat Has Hilarious Reaction To Possum Stealing Her Food

Satan cannot stand the importance God places on his children. After all, how can he bother so much about mere mortals? Satan, who clearly believes himself to be a superior being, refuses to bow down to God, vowing to be man’s eternal enemy. And though God cast him away, banishing him to hell, Satan still does everything in his power to steal God’s grace away from us.

While the story of the possum stealing away cat’s food as it watches helplessly is a rather humorous one, there is a great lesson we can learn from it. The cat looks helplessly at the owner as if begging for their intervention to stop what is happening but eventually gives up. The possum, on the other hands, is not even remotely scared of the cat and eats away the cat’s kibble boldly. This story is very similar to our Christian mystery of salvation. But unlike the owners of the cat, God did not let Satan continue to rob away from us what God has decided is our – eternal life. Instead, God gets down into the battlefield, and offers himself as a sacrifice in Jesus Christ, giving us a means to win over Satan for good.

Today, we no longer have to look up at our Lord to rescue our inheritance from the evil. We now look at Christ, his cross, his sacrifice, reminding Satan that he no more has power over us. Indeed, great truths can be found in the simple, everyday things that happen around us!

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