Casey Anthony Is Open to Becoming a Mom Again Now That She Has Met Someone

In 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter named Caylee.

Since then, her case has been the subject of many documentaries and crime TV shows. Casey’s parents have continued to give interviews since her acquittal, such as one they did recently with Dr. Oz. In the interview they discussed the possibility of Casey having more children.

Casey’s father George revealed on the show that she is dating someone, that it is serious, and she could have another baby.
He also revealed that he and his daughter do not speak, referring to their relationship as “oil and water,” but said he is happy for her that she is seeing someone. If she does have kids, he admitted that he would probably not be a part of their lives.

“Knowing now that she could potentially possibly be a mom again, I hope she does better this time around than what she did last time. I hope whatever life she has left, that she makes something positive happen in her life,” George said. “If she is granted a chance to have another child, I hope the child is strong, grows up to be a worthwhile part of society, and the person that she has the child with, I hope they are going to love her and the child immensely.”

In 2017, Casey Anthony famously told the Associated Press she wasn’t sure if she was “dumb enough” to have more children.

“If I am blessed enough to have another child — if I’d be dumb enough to bring another kid into this world knowing that there’d be a potential that some jackass, their little snot-nosed kid would then say something mean to my kid — I don’t think I could live with that,” she said.

Casey has recently changed her attitude, an anonymous source reportedly told People. “For a long time she was like ‘no way.’ But time has changed that and she’s now open to it in a way she hasn’t been before,” the source said.

Casey Anthony’s daughter went missing in 2008. She waited 31 days to notify police.

During those 31 days, she was spotted partying with friends, getting a tattoo, and living what people described as a carefree life. Caylee’s remains were later found near Anthony’s home in a wooded area. Evidence was present that duct tape had been placed over the 2-year-olds mouth and nose.

In different interviews with the Associated Press in 2017, Casey maintained her innocence and said she had “no idea” how her daughter died.

“Based off what was in the media …. I understand the reasons people feel about me,” she said. “I understand why people have the opinions that they do.”

She also explained that she has “blanks” about that time in her life. “If I knew what actually happened, I’d be able to fill in those blanks,” she explained. “I’ve done enough research, I’ve done enough psychology seminars, I’ve been tested, I’ve gone to the psychological evaluations, talked about this to the point where I’ve been in a puddle and not able to talk about it for days afterwards.”

Oz asked Anthony’s parents what they think happened to Caylee.

Anthony’s mother, Cindy, said she thinks that her granddaughter accidentally drowned in the family pool. Then Casey lied to cover up her death. George said he thinks Caylee was given some type of medication and died of an accidental overdose. They both still feel incredible guilt and heartache over what happened. “Till this day I still hold myself responsible for not finding Caylee,” George said.

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