California to Become First State to Provide Illegal Immigrants with Full Health Benefits for Free

California is set to approve a new state budget that will allow thousands of illegal immigrants residing in the Golden State to receive complete health coverage.

As part of the state’s new budget plan, low-income illegal immigrants residing in California between the ages of 19 and 25 will qualify for Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program, according to Fox News.

If passed, the plan proposed by California Governor Gavin Newsom would make California the first state to provide immigrants residing illegally with complete health insurance, reports The Hill.

It is predicted that this plan will cost $98 million out of the total budget of the state of $213 billion and will come into effect in January 2020.

USA Today reports that California lawmakers have chosen to tax people who do not have health insurance to pay for the medical benefits for illegal immigrants.

California lawmakers are expected to approve the plan.

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