The Brilliant Way To Keep Strawberries Fresh Straight From A Farmer

God’s unconditional love for mankind manifests itself in the form of Nature’s abundance. And, it is only by preserving the Almighty’s glorious gifts that we can truly savor the countless nutritional benefits that they have to offer us. The strawberry is one such incredible gift of Nature that is not only extremely delicious but also a storehouse of great nutritional and health benefits. But, given their tender nature, strawberries tend to spoil rather quickly. Here are a few brilliants tips from a farmer that will help you keep your strawberries fresh for longer.

What you need: water, white vinegar, and a salad spinner. How to do it: First, mix half a cup of white vinegar and two and a half cups of water in a large bowl. Next, immerse the strawberries in the solution and let it stand for a couple of minutes. The vinegar solution will help get rid of any bacteria or mold spores that might have infested the fruit. Then, retrieve the berries and pat them dry with some paper towels. Leave the berries in a colander to ensure that the berries are absolutely dry. Once dry, transfer the strawberries to your refrigerator and place them on a paper towel.

Another tip that will help keep your strawberries stay fresh for longer is storing them with their stems intact until you eat them. Leaving the stem on will prolong the shelf life of your berries. Always trash any spoiled or slimy berries to avoid the bacteria or mold spreading onto the remaining bunch.

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