Bride Sees Groom’s Ex At Her Wedding, Stops Everything And Tells Her To Stand Up

Marriage is a big commitment, and marrying someone who already has a child is an even bigger ordeal. It takes a lot of work to combine families and make sure that everyone is well cared for. Blending families can be tough, but it is possible to do!

Katie Hild was preparing to marry the love of her life, Jeremy. She was writing her vows and wanted to make sure everything was expressed perfectly to him. Katie knew that she had to include Jeremy’s son Landon in the wedding, but nobody expected that she would also include Jeremy’s ex and her new husband, Casey and Tyler, into the ceremony!

Katie knew how important Landon was to his father, and that made him very important to her as well! And instead of shying away from Landon’s biological mother and stepfather, she decided to invite them to her wedding! Not only were they invited, but they came! And it was great that they did because Katie had a little surprise in store for them!

After reciting her own vows to Jeremy, Katie turned to Casey and Tyler and continued reciting an additional set of vows to them. This bride took the attention off of herself and focused on the people who she would be coparenting Landon with, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire place!

After addressing Casey and Tyler, Katie had something to say to Landon. She bent down on to get on his level, then Katie vowed to look after Landon and love him for the rest of his life. Katie promised to be Landon’s best friend and a trustworthy confidant for him. Landon was going to be her son, and that’s not something she could ever take lightly.

Watch the emotional vows in the video below:

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