Brain Tumor Mysteriously Dissolves Due to The Power of Prayer

Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean that your life will be free of problems. Many people have this misconception that you are untouched by hardships and obstacles if you have God in your life. But it is important to remember that having God in our lives means that we have a greater power who can guide us through the hardships so we never have to fight our battles alone. And sometimes, miracles can happen too.

The story of Evelyn Cartwright is the perfect testimony to this. In April 2014, Mrs. Cartwright found out that she had a brain tumor. Luckily, the tumor was not cancerous. She had been experiencing frequent headaches and one Sunday, the pain was so intense that she had to rush to the emergency room. Mrs. Cartwright said that she had never experienced pain as intense as that headache.

After an MRI, the doctor told her the news. She and her family and close friends were devastated to hear the news. Mrs. Cartwright started a five-month radiation treatment plan for the next three months, and despite their continuous prayers, found that the tumor was still there.

Unwilling to shake her faith in God, she continues to pray. But even after another three months of treatment, there still was no good news. Mrs. Cartwright started questioning why this was happening to her and one day, heard God directing her to praise Him and give thanks instead of asking for healing. She did exactly that and encouraged her friends and family to do the same.

Then, after another three months, she came to know that her tumor was completely dead, and dissolved soon after.

Today, Mrs. Cartwright is healthy and happy, and continues to serve God and give thanks everyday.

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