Billy Graham’s Last Words Revealed By Daughter

The poignancy of his last words comes from their simplicity.

For almost seven decades he brought the word of God to the people. Though he is gone from this world, Billy Graham will likely never be forgotten.

Billy Graham’s death date will go down in history as a day of immeasurable loss.

A loss not only for the people of the United States but for an innumerable amount of Christians across the entire globe.

Billy Graham spent his entire life sharing healing messages. And his final words could serve as a source of comfort not only for his family and friends but for all his followers.

Billy Graham’s death came at a time of division and fear in our country.

It is a time when the world may need him and his guiding words more than ever before. But, we will have to carry on with the lessons he taught us over the course of so many years.

During an interview with, Graham’s daughter Anne Graham Lotz said:

“We’re so divided. There’s so much anger, so much polarization, and Jesus is the answer. If you look at my Daddy’s life, he cuts across all those divides, whether it’s a racial divide, a political divide, a social divide. People all across the spectrum love and honor Billy Graham. Why? Because of his message and because he presented Jesus, and Jesus is the one who unifies us and brings us together.”

During his life, Graham served as a tireless servant of the Lord and a beacon of light for his country.

He advised and counseled several presidents from Harry Truman to now President Donald Trump, just before his election.

Graham was in every sense, America’s Pastor.

During her interview with, Lotz revealed that Graham’s final words came at the very end of her family’s last visit with her father.

As the family was getting ready to leave, Lotz’s 11-year-old granddaughter told Graham that she loved him.

He responded saying, “I love you.”

What better three words could sum up his entire life of service to helping others know God’s love.

In regards to her father’s final words, Lotz said, “That was the last words we heard him say. That’s enough.”

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