Biker Gang Hunts Dog Fight Rings To Save Animals From Owners

People who look after abused animals are true heroes.

Similar in some ways to superheroes, they look out for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and there really aren’t many causes nobler than that.

This leads perfectly into the group known as Rescue Ink – a group of bikers who have made it their mission to rescue animals in need.

The group of bikers, from Long Island, New York, operate entirely within the law, but most of the time they get their way regardless.

Rescue Ink was created as a non-profit group before branching into mainstream media. They count among their ranks a wide array of members, including bikers, ex-bodybuilders, powerlifting champs, former military members, and even former servicemen.

According to members of the group, animal abusers are typically insecure, mean, and impulsive people who are prone to sadistic tendencies.

Thankfully, Rescue Ink is always on the team of the innocents, and they have really made a difference.

“Let’s just say an official goes to an abuser’s house, he pulls up in a cop car and, immediately the abuser knows the cop’s limitations, he has certain boundaries,” member Anthony Rossano (a.k.a. Big Ant) explained.

“But when we pull up, they don’t know what we’re going to do, they don’t know what we’re capable of doing. So it helps out big time.”

Indeed, though the group stays humble, and perhaps don’t see themselves as saviors, the work they do can’t be praised enough!

“Some people like to think of us as superheroes. The truth is, we are super animal lovers (and protectors). Through the years, and through many caseloads, obstacles, and downright challenges, we remain strong and dedicated to our mission.”

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