Big Brother Comforts Sick Sister In Heart-Melting Video

The Bible is full of stories where brothers looked after their siblings and defended them. But the Bible’s idea of brotherly love is not limited to people related by blood alone – here, the connection is more spiritual, one that stems from God being our one true Father. Perhaps that is why Jesus always referred to everyone around him as ‘brothers and sisters’. Should it be surprising, then, that Jesus took our place on that cross and offered his life for our sins?

This beautiful truth is re-enacted all the time, all around us, if you only know how to look at it that way. For example, John holding on to his sick baby sister and consoling her is a powerful reminder of the love Christ has for us. John assumed a protective role for her sister Clara ever since she was born. Born with dwarfism, Clara was admitted to the hospital one day because of flu. One night, the little girl was simply unable to sleep, and when her mother was just about to walk in, she saw John hugging his sister, consoling her. John was trying to help her fall asleep, rocking her back and forth, a scene that the mother, Danielle, recorded on her camera. The video also draws our attention to another important aspect: the upbringing that John has received. Danielle has definitely brought up her little boy to empathize and love, which is just what we need for our kids today.

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