Basketball Player Breaks School Record, Immediately Runs Over To Unsuspecting Guest On The Bleachers

It is great when children participate in sports as they grow up. Athletics teach our children great lessons like teamwork, consistency, and how to deal with victory or defeat. And, if they are really good at a sport, they may even be able to make a career out of it! Nicole Buch is high school senior, but she is also a rising basketball superstar! And, if you ask the talented teen how she became such a great player, she would give all the credit to one very special man.

Nicole, who is getting ready to graduate from her school in Fairfield, Iowa, has spent countless hours in the gym alongside her 92-year-old grandfather. Nicole said that the memories she’s had with her grandfather in the gym have been very special, and as for Leonard, he said that coaching has helped to keep him feeling young!

Nicole wanted to let her grandfather know just how much he meant to her, so she decided to do something really special for him. It all happened during the game when Nicole broke a school record for the most points scored in a career. And, right after she made the record-breaking shot, she grabbed the basketball and headed straight over to her grandfather who was watching from the bleachers. “The whole moment really wasn’t about me it was about him,” Nicole said. So, in her shining moment, Nicole decided to shift all the focus to the man that had done so much for her. He was her coach, her grandfather, and the person she looked up to most… and she wanted everyone there to know it!

Her grandfather was surprised by Nicole’s gesture and everyone in the stands became emotional as well! Now, Nicole plans to continue playing basketball as she heads to Missouri Southern for college next year. And, she’ll be taking Grandpa with her! We are sure that his continued advice and support will help make Nicole the best player that she can be!

Watch the sweet moment between Nicole and her grandfather in the video below:


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