Baby Taken To ER After Neck Swells Up, Then Dr. Finds Bizarre Item Poking Through Her Skin!

We all have, at some time or the other, needed help from someone. We may need our parents’ care when we fall ill. We may need our friends’ advice when we face some difficulty at work. We may need our spouse’s support when we need cheering up. When we feel lost, desperate or tempted to do the wrong thing just because it’s easy, we need the help of God to get us back on track, motivated. Children especially need a lot of careful monitoring and help until they are old enough to distinguish the right from the wrong. That’s exactly what happened to baby Myra recently. The litany of startling discoveries parents make about their children is endless. Things are especially crazy when children are too young to know what should or should not be kept, eaten, cut, touched, smelt, etc. But even Aaron and Emma Whittington, residents of Kansas, must not have guessed that they would face such a bizarre situation in their lives. They were downright shocked to see what had got lodged in their 7-month-old baby girl’s neck!

There were signs of the issue seen early on but not detected for what they actually were. The baby would often tug on her jaw and the left side of her neck. Her parents thought that it was some minor earache or irritant that their daughter was facing and didn’t think much about her behavior. Over a time, though, the tugging became constant – it had worsened since before. On Saturday, December 8th, Emma took Myra to the ER as they were now worried that there was a bigger problem than they could see. By then, a lump the size of a golf ball was clearly visible on the side of Myra’s neck. Initially, the doctors thought it was just a swollen gland. According to their diagnosis at the ER, medicines, and treatment was provided to the baby. Emma was reassured that the medicines she took home would take care of the swelling. Instead, the lump on the neck just changed its shape and size by the next day!

Now, the parents were in a complete panic. There was shocked to see that something was also sticking out of the bump! They rushed to another doctor, this time belonging to a larger hospital. The doctors carefully examined Myra and over a period of two days, performed various tests to find out what was sticking out of the baby’s neck. Once they had confirmed that it was a foreign object that had t be removed, they went ahead and successfully did so. And what came out was truly mind-boggling, even appalling. It was a feather!

No one knew how the feather, which the doctors opine was lodged within Myra for a number of days, first entered Myra’s body. They surmise that Myra must have gotten hold of it somehow and either inhaled it or put it in her mouth. The body, knowing it was unwanted, decided to push it out in an abnormal way – from the side of her neck! Myra now happily is pain and feather free!

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