Baby showers her dog with kisses on the nose then the dog returns the love

Of course, when you have small children and dogs under the same roof, it is always important to be careful as a parent. When your baby gets close to your animal, you should be even more cautious because they can be unpredictable, even as much as you trust your pets. But a harsh reaction in your home from a dog you love and cherish is rare as they remain loyal to their family and have a protective instinct. Baby Quinn, from San Antonio, Texas, loves her family dog, and participates in an adorable exchange on video. In the dog’s response, the real joy is evident, and it’s so adorable. She’s not old enough to speak, so she communicates with actions.

According to a YouTube post Larry is 9 months older than Quinn and has been infatuated with her since her parents brought her home.

Quinn wants to give Larry all the love back and spoils him with kisses on the nose.

Larry looks a bit bored for the most part but then gets up from lying on his slipper and comes back with something that makes Quinn squeal with delight.

Thankfully someone was there to catch the adorable moment on camera and now it’s gone viral.

When you watch it below you’ll understand why.

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