Baby Moved To Tears As Mom Sings Song To Him

It is often said that the relationship between a mother and a baby is unlike any other in this world. It is a special connection, one that is the closest to God’s unconditional love for us humans. It is not surprising that as children we hurt when our mothers hurt, and we are filled with joy when they are happy.

While science is yet to establish whether babies can recognize emotion in music and react accordingly, this heart-warming video seems to suggest so. Various pieces of research have been conducted to understand an infant’s “sensitivity to emotion in music and emption-action understanding”. One of these studies suggested that ability to recognize, understand and react to the emotionality of music may be supported by a common, general ability to base your emotions on social cues.

In the video, a mother lovingly sings the popular worship song “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin to her adorable baby while feeding him. The baby has his eyes locked on the mom while she is singing, visibly enjoying the mom’s melodious voice.

The first few lines of the song seem to delight the infant, as he starts cracking a cute smile. But soon enough, his reaction to his mom singing quickly changes. While it is unclear whether the baby’s reaction changed in an instant – whether because he could sense the emotion in the song, or his mother’s facial expressions, or any other cue – this video is one that you definitely have to see for yourself.


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