2-year-old has crowd cracking up at his moves when he hears favorite Elvis song at party

There is perhaps nothing more fun than forgetting all your worries and having a good old dance; it’s one of the oldest and best ways to stay active, healthy and happy.

And you’re never too old or even too young to start trying out your moves on the dance floor or even consider it a career and master dances such as the jive.

That’s precisely what the intention was for a gifted two-year-old when a classic Elvis song went on.

Two-year-old William Stokkebroe heard Jailhouse Rock’s famous opening notes and couldn’t help himself. After watching his parents practice Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe with the other Studie43 dancers, he obviously had picked up some movements and was willing to demonstrate to everyone what he has learned.

He starts dancing immediately and I can’t stop watching the video below; I can’t believe he’s just two years old! He even provides the crowd at the end a very proud bow and a kiss.

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