Baby Fawn Named Dragon Rejected After Being Born Piercingly Beautiful

In 2015, one of the main attractions at Deer Tracks Junction was a special little fawn with a look all his own.

Dragon, as he was been dubbed by the farm owner’s son, was certainly unique.

“He has been named ‘Dragon’ — my son shouldn’t be allowed to name the animals anymore,” Deer Tracks Junction owner Hilary Powell posted on the farm’s Facebook page.

Dragon was a beautiful and rare white-faced fawn. But while the fawn had amazingly good looks, he was sadly rejected by his mother and nearly stomped to death at birth.

Powell said the fawn’s mother, Bunny, most likely rejected him because he didn’t look like the other fawns.

Dragon’s white face would have also made it difficult for him to survive on his own in the wild, as he wouldn’t blend well with his environment.

Thankfully, Dragon was well cared for at the farm and quickly became a star, with people coming from far and wide to capture photos of the beautiful animal.

Tragically, due to health complications, Dragon passed away just before his first birthday.

“Well, sadly, this is an update that I never wanted to have to make,” Powell wrote in a Facebook post. “Despite all medical intervention available, we lost our little Dragon. It has been a tough time here, and he will be greatly missed by all.”

The farm received an outpouring of support in light of the news, with hundreds of reactions and comments on the post.

“Thank you for sharing Beautiful Dragon with everyone,” one fan wrote. “You all are very special people and Dragon could not have been in better hands. I am so very sorry to hear of this sad loss. I will say a special prayer.”

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