Baby born with strange lump on her neck, so mom snaps photo as it changes in frightening way

Most parents immediately count the fingers and toes of a newborn baby. For one mom, she counted an extra unknown body part.

Paige Franks was delighted to have a bouncing baby girl named Mila. The baby was immediately loved by many. Paige quickly noticed a bulge on her daughter’s neck. Every day she would look at the mass with curiosity and noticed it seemed to get bigger over time.

This deeply troubled Paige and she wasn’t sure what it could be. Cancer was the first thing that crossed her mind.

After taking the baby to see doctors, they confirmed that it was not a disease of any type. In fact, they were confident it was simply a birthmark. It was a cluster of blood vessels in one area, a common effect of congenital hemangioma.

“It was like another head. One of my friends joked that it could have been a twin but obviously it wasn’t,” Paige said in an interview.

“It looked really big because she was so small. It was like another head,” Paige explained.

The worried mother was very sensitive to others holding the baby with worries it could affect the mass.

As Paige continued to keep a close eye on the unwanted bulge, she was happily surprised when it seemed smaller. After three months, on its own, it started to shrink.

Paige took pictures of the entire disappearance day by day.

The human body is amazing. It’s so interesting to see how God made us and the way our bodies work. Thank you, Lord, for the skin we are in.

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