Baby born two months early with holes in her heart dies in her mother’s arms for 11 minutes then is brought back to life

Having a child is usually a very exciting time in a mothers life. The nursery, a baby shower, and names are just a part of the journey. Emma Burns has experienced these wonderful highs, but the low moments have been very difficult.

Emma noticed that her baby was moving slowly in her belly and went to the hospital. Baby Ramaya had to quickly be removed in order to live. Emma had an emergency C-section and the baby was born 2 months premature. After the surgery, doctors noticed the baby had holes in her heart. Tiny Ramaya was slightly above 1lb in weight and only had a 20% possibility of living.

Emma had problems with pregnancy in the past and lost two children who were stillborn. She was concerned about her daughter and didn’t want to lose another child.

After a few weeks, Emma was able to hold her baby for the first time. In that sweet moment, something terrible happened.

Burns describes the scary moment, ‘She was in my arms when she suddenly went limp and died in my arms. She went blue and I started screaming. I thought she was going to die. Doctors spent seven minutes getting her heart going again, it was terrifying, but she kept fighting.’

CPR and a breathing machine were immediately administered for the baby and after 11 minutes, Ramaya’s heart was beating again.

“I can’t describe that feeling. My whole body froze. I just wanted someone to save my daughter. I didn’t want to have to bury another baby,” Burns shared.

Baby Emma is stable and has since gone home to be with her family. She has put on weight but currently suffers from some health conditions. She struggles with apnea, holes in her heart, vision limitations and some hearing loss.

Let’s keep Emma and her family in our prayers.

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