Ariana Grande Has Message For Fans Who Post Selfies With Her

Success doesn’t come to people overnight. There’s no magical pill that turns average citizens into sensational celebrities. But there’s something that transcends any mantra for success, and that’s faith. It’s only with the power of faith that one can overcome major life challenges and create a name for themselves. Ariana Grande is one successful person who had faith in herself and went on to become a heart-stealing popstar and superstar. Ariana has a huge an army of fans, who leave no stone unturned to get a glimpse of her. The lucky ones who get to meet her can’t help but pick up their phones and share a selfie with the celebrity on Instagram.

But the “Side to Side” singer expresses a problem she has with a few of her selfie-clicking fans. She recently noticed that her fans have cropped their faces and hid them under emojis. This pushed the superstar to send a powerful message to her Instagram followers. She expressed her love for all her fans, but this behavior of theirs makes her sad. Ariana Grande is a selfie-queen herself, and she feels her fans deserve the love the same way she gets. She preached an important lesson on self-love to her fans and urged them to accept themselves the way they are. Social media certainly creates a competition between people to look better. But, at the same time, they need to show themselves some love and kindness. This gesture of a renowned celebrity like her is highly appreciable, making her one of the most beloved superstars of this era.

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