Angry Drivers Honk and Pass Truck Stopped At Stop Sign, Teen Walks Up And Helps Sick Disoriented Driver

Strange driving can be a sign that the person behind the wheel needs help.

That was actually the case when a motorist stopped his truck at a stop sign in Oceola Township, Michigan, and never got going again. A line of angry cars quickly formed behind him, honking and beeping away at what appeared to be a distracted, irresponsible driver. However, as the seconds passed, 16-year-old Max Greenwood started to worry that something might be wrong.

“A few people were honking and a couple of people passed him because they were frustrated he was stopped,” Greenwood remembered. “I didn’t want to just honk and be a dirt bag like that.”

“At first, I thought he was broken down,” he explained.

Max Greenwood opened up his door and got out of his car and ran up to the truck, ready to lend a hand in any way he could.

When Greenwood reached the driver’s side window, he found a man who appeared to be extremely disoriented. He couldn’t remember his name and he didn’t know where he was. Greenwood told the man to pull the truck over to the shoulder of the road and immediately called for police.

“It’s a person,” Greenwood said, when asked why he was so prepared to help the man. “If I was in his situation, I would want someone to help me.”

With the help of EMS, the man was taken to a hospital to receive medical attention. Later, Greenwood learned that the man may have been suffering from low blood sugar.

911 manager Joni Harvey said that Greenwood’s behavior was “unusual” for a teen. “I think it’s inspirational that a young person was trying to be a good Samaritan,” she said.

Greenwood’s mother, Mary Pudelko said “You preach to your kids that you need to do the right thing, and when he did I was really proud,” she said. “In this day and age, when a lot of kids don’t think about anyone but themselves, he stepped up and it made a difference.”

“I always try and make an effort to help people on the side of the road,” Greenwood said.

Don’t you wish there were more people like Max in this world? God bless him!

While it may seem like a small act of kindness, it’s important that we all remember Max Greenwood’s example.

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