Andrea Bocelli Sings Ed Sheeran Hit – When Son Joins In, Millions Can’t Stop Swooning

Andrea Bocelli is one of those spectacular vocalists that uses his amazing gifts in such a way that it transforms music itself. It’s very rare to find someone that doesn’t like his voice.

But now, Andrea appears to be introducing his family into his music. His son Matteo Bocelli loves singing and getting the chance to duet along with his father is a dream come true. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and you can clearly hear what a musical influence Matteo’s father has been on him.

It’s not hard to see why many of us compare Matteo’s singing to that of his father’s. Andrea Bocelli and Matteo are each classically trained singers. However they don’t simply sing classical music, in fact, typically they prefer to sing some fashionable hits and provide them with the Bocelli magic.

The father and son pair recorded the song ‘Fall On Me‘ as a duet and it absolutely was a sure hit. So much so that they decided to sing some additional songs.

Andrea Bocelli isn’t any stranger to singing with contemporary artists. He’s has sung with Ariana Grande and he’s additionally recorded a duet with Sheeran himself. However Andrea decided to return to some of Sheeran’s music for his father-son duet.

Andrea Bocelli and Matteo sing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and their rendition is totally breath taking. Whereas Andrea could easily take over the son, he instead sings the background to give Matteo the spotlight.

The 20-year-old uses his classical vocals to feature a soothing tone to the Sheeran hit, resembling Sheeran himself. Once Matteo finished his solo, Andrea begins to sing the song. however Andrea opted to sing the song in Italian which gave the song a very stunning and romantic atmosphere. You have to hear it!

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