Amish Man Starts ‘Uber’ Ride Service With His Horse And Buggy

All you need to do is flag down the horse and buggy service. So, keep that phone aside

God manifests himself in several forms. He can be a traveling mendicant, a surgeon, your cleaning lady, a bank manager or your grandmother. In this case, he may as well be the Amish man who started a taxi service with his horse and buggy. Perhaps, he wanted to provide us a glimpse of what life used to be before being constantly relying upon technology.

Timothy Hochstedler, who started a horse and buggy service in Colon, Michigan likes to call it the “Amish Uber”. It is designed to give you a ride back in time to a simpler life.

It allows its riders to experience the town of Colon without the distractions of driving a car.
It is easy to understand people who would trade their car engines for the experience of a real live horse engine.

All Timothy charges is $5 which is well worth the experience of riding the “Amish Uber”.

Wouldn’t you want to ditch the Uber for a ride of this “Amish Uber” where you are? I know I’d want to. Imagine the picture you’d cut disembarking from a horse drawn buggy at your office/friend’s place. Sadly, this service is only available in Colon, Michigan for now. So travel if you can for chance to time-travel.

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