After Losing Their 3 Kids In A Car Accident, 6 Months Later Doctor Tells Them They Are Pregnant With Triplets

Life is full of ups and downs. While you are happy and joyful one moment, the next moment you can experience a lot of pain and sadness. And there is this beauty of unexpected miracles, which give a completely new meaning to life.

A lovely family

The most precious gift from God is the birth of a child. And for this couple from California, Chris and Lori Coble, God had blessed them three times over. Having 3 kids, the couple felt truly happy and grateful. While Kyle, their son, was their oldest child, Emma and Katie were the younger daughters. They were a complete and a happy family.

Tragedy strikes

One day Lori and her mom went to the mall with her three children in her van, she had big plans ahead. She wanted to have the children ride on the Ferris wheel. While returning back home from the mall, the most unimaginable thing happened. They were hit from behind by a semi-truck which was full of cargo.

Parents were devastated

Lori, her mom and her three kids were rushed to the nearby hospitals. There, they got the most devistating news of their lifetime. Katie, who was 2 years, old and  Emma who was 4 succumbed to their injuries and passed away. And, in a little while, 5 year-old Kyle also was declared dead. This tragic incident left the parents devastated.

Check out this video and find out about the emotional story of Chris and Lori Coble.  Miracles do happen:

Agonizing moments

Lori and Chris went through the most agonizing moments of their life as their entire world came crashing down. Their three kids, Katie, Emma and Kyle had left an unrepairable wound in their parent’s hearts.

Miracle happened

Within 6 months of the accident, the couple was in for a miraculous news. Lori went through IVF treatment and became pregnant again. And, guess what, there were triplets in there! The couple was thrilled when they discovered that they were having two girls and one boy. This surely was a sign from God.

Purely Blessed

Lori and Chris became the proud parents of 3 lovely kids. They named them Ellie, Ashley and Jake. They both strongly believed that the kids in heaven had blessed them with this happiness again.

Kids will always be missed

Of course, even after the birth of 3 beautiful kids, Chris and Lori miss their first-born kids too. Not a single day passes by where they don’t think of them. Though the kids will never come back again, the family has got back its love and happiness with the birth of the triplets.

Even if you don’t believe in miracles, you will surely believe that life is not pleasant and rosy all the time. And, at the same time, it is not completely horrible. Miracles do happen, and the belief in God helps a person in moving ahead strongly.

22 Surprising Identical Triplets Statistics

Even though, having identical triplets might seem impossible, the conception of them is definitely possible. There are statistics which prove that the odds can vary. As per the stats, one out of 60,000 pregnancies had led to the birth of identical triplets. Then there are other statistics what claim that one out of 200 million pregnancies end up in the birth of triplets.

If you or someone you know has been witnessing exaggerated movements inside the womb, you could be in for triplets. Check out these statistics.

Surprising statistics and facts on identical triplets:

There are almost 125 million multiples living in this world right now.

The brainwave patterns of the identical triplets are almost the same.

The average time between births of each child, in triplets, is around 17 minutes during natural deliveries.

Triplets are believed to have their own language in which they communicate with each other and only they can understand that.

Up until 2004, almost one out of 34 children was born as either a twin or triplet in the United Kingdom.

Nigeria is the country that has the highest rate of identical triplets.

More than 90% of the pregnancies with triplets result in premature births and lower birth weights.

34 weeks is the average gestation period of regular pregnancies with triplets involved.

On an average, the birth weight of triplets is around 4 pounds.

Even though, the mother gets admitted in the hospital only one time for all the three deliveries, the delivery cost for triplets is three times the cost of single child delivery.

The chances of being the same sex or blood type is almost 100% in identical triplets.

Even though the identical triplets share similar looks, they don’t look exactly the same.

It is possible that one of the identical triplets could be left-handed and the others could be right-handed.

There is no relation of identical triplets with age, race or any family history of multiple births.

In the United States alone, the number of triplet births per year is around 7000.

A mother’s chance of having more than a single baby in one pregnancy is around 3%.

There is a 1 out of 8100 chance of having natural identical triplets.

As the mother grows old, her chance of having triplets increases. So a mother that is 30 has a 4% chance, and this increases by another 5% as she becomes 35.

An identical triplet pregnancy is automatically classified as a high-risk pregnancy.

Diagnosis of multiple pregnancies can be done through ultrasound in the first trimester itself.

The risk of getting cerebral palsy is higher by 8% in identical triplets, as compared to the normal single pregnancies.

Identical triplets face 6 times higher risk of mortality at a 22 week gestation period, as compared to the single birth pregnancies.

Triplets – How do they happen?

Triplets come out of three separate eggs. Identical triplets occur with a single embryo transfer with the help of fertility assistance. The identical triplets share identical DNA, gender, features and characteristics.

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