After a string of heartbreaking losses, 76-years-old gets a ‘Movie Star Makeover’

Sometimes we all need a change in our lives to help us cope with heartache. Someone who loses a loved one may go get a pet or take up a new hobby. We need things in our lives to look forward to, to help us keep moving forward. Something has to get you to put those feet on the floor every morning and do it all again. When depression sets in, it can be so hard to have the desire to face each day again. It may sound silly to some but a set of new clothes or a new hairstyle can have a great effect on someone going through tough times. A new look can help you leave the old you that was depressed behind. One amazing story about someone going through heartbreak starts with a woman named Phoebe.

Phoebe moved away from her home that she had lived in for nearly 50 years. The move took its toll on her mentally and physically and with all the stress, she fell ill.

After she recovered, she suffered an unimaginable loss. Her son had passed away from pancreatic cancer.

With all of these heartbreaking and stressful events in her life, it took a toll on Phoebe’s appearance.

After watching different makeover videos, the 76-years-old made the decision try it.

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