A Homeless Man Was Reunited with His Lost Dog and The Video Is A Real Tearjerker

Anthony Rogers, a homeless guy from Memphis was devastated when his best friend, his dog Bobo went missing. Anthony had rescued Bobo, a Pitbull-Labrador mix as a puppy and they had been together ever since. Anthony called Bobo his ‘lifesaver’ and was overwhelmed when he found him missing early morning on 31st August.

Anthony and Bobo were homeless who found family in each other. They lived happily with each other for support in the midtown Memphis community. When Bobo went missing, Anthony was despondent. With help from a few friends, Anthony made posters of the year-old Bobo. He hoped these posters would help him find his lifesaver.

It was after two weeks that Bobo ended up at Memphis Animal Services. Fortunately, an employee at the shelter recognised the affable pup and called Rogers’ friend. Roger drove there with his friend and their reunion was nothing short of enchanting.

Bobo bounded into Roger’s arms wagging his tail rigorously, unable to contain his excitement. He kept skittering around Roger heaping licks of love that melted several hearts. Memphis Animal Services shared a video of Bobo reuniting with Roger that is nothing short of entrancing.

The Memphis Animal Services sent Bobo back with a bag of dog food, a harness, leash, collar and ID tag, and a year’s supply of heartworm prevention medication. A local hospital is also raising funds for Bobo’s future care and is accepting donations. By God’s grace, Anthony found Bobo and he is thankful for everyone for their time and watching out for them.

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