A 9-year-old boy selling lemonade was robbed at gunpoint

A 9-year-old boy selling lemonade was robbed in the town of Monroe, NC reported the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The boy’s lemonade stand was located off Weddington Road, near the entrance of St.John’s Forest Development. A teenager, armed with a gun, approached the boy here around 3pm. He shoved the gun to the boy’s stomach and demanded money before fleeing the site.

Deputies found a black BB gun, a metal tin and a camouflage hat that they believed belonged to the assailant, in the nearby woods. The sheriff’s office speculated that he may have hidden a bicycle in the woods that he used to pedal away after the robbery.

Tony Underwood, Union County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, informed that the stolen cash amounted to less than $20.

Underwood also stated that the deputies weren’t convinced that the gun involved in the robbery was the black BB gun. But given where it was found, it seems more likely than not.

Those with any information regarding the incident are requested to get in touch with the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 704-283-3789 or Union County Crimestoppers at 704-283-5600.

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