911 Dispatcher Gets Call From Terrified 7-Year-Old Hiding In Bathroom With Sister “Bring Cops…Lots Of Them!”

Three robbers broke into 7-year-old Carlo’s family’s home and allegedly threatened Carlos’ parents.

Carlos acted fast. He had been taught to call 911 in case of emergency by his mother so he jumped in action and knew exactly what to do.

Carlos took his little sister and ran to the bathroom. He then quickly locked the door and called 911.

Tahnkfully, the three robbers had not seen any of the children so they didn’t know to look for them.

On the other end of the 911 call was operator Monique Patino. She immediately knew the severity of the situation when she heard a 7-year-old vocie on the other end of the line.

Carlos started talking as the 911 operator answered.

“There’s some guys,” he said. “They’re going to kill my mom and dad, can you come please. … Can you come really fast? PLEASE, PLEASE.”

911: Can you tell me what happened?

Carlos: “They come, they ring the door, and they have guns and they shoot my mom and dad.”

911: Right Now?

Carlos: “Can you come really fast?  Bring a cops…Lots of them!”

Anyone hearing this from a 7-year-old woould be shaken for sure. But Monique remained calm just like she was trained to do. She quickly told Carlos that the police were comingy, and that under no circumstances whatsoever should he put down his phone.

She started trying to calm Carlos down. She could hear his little sister crying.

A few moments later, what Monique had feared the most had happened. She heard comotion and the sound of the bathroom door being broken down. She heard Carlos scream….then there was silence. Horrible, terryfying, silence. She feared the worst had happened to Carlos and his little sister.

When police finally arrived at the scene, the robbers had fled. All four family members were safe but the gunmen have yet to be found.

As for what happened in the bathroom, It turns out that the men asked Carlos who he had talked to on the phone. He answered honestly: “911”.

The answer had frightened the robbers so much that they’ ran for it. LOL Praise GOD!

Listen to Carlos 911 call and watch him talk about the event.  Carlos is being called a hero!

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