8 People Line Up In Perfect Formation, When They Start Clogging The Audience Goes Wild

Clogging might seem like something a plumber has to tackle everyday, but people could be surprised that it’s quite simply a kind of dance that’s going viral. It is a combo of tap dance and folk dancing, clog dancing calls for special wooden footwear named clogs that create an audible sound whenever a dancer’s foot strikes the ground. Even though clogging has actually been around for a long period of time, an institution geared towards increasing recognition of this distinct dance technique was created in 1997. The Clogging Champions of America holds contests through the year where cloggers of all ages and abilities can show their abilities among fellow dancers. Their desire is to supply cloggers with a venue to express themselves openly through dance in a cheerful, competitive atmosphere. Clogging events are an excellent venue for those who fancy the sport to get to know new individuals and come together with pals who share comparable hobbies and a shared affection of the signature craft of clog dancing..

One such competition was just recently held and clog dancers from all around the area received acknowledgment for their astonishing dance moves. A team of cloggers from Lincoln, Nebraska named Tap This! enrolled in the contest and impressed the audience with their dynamite performance. This qualified group of fourteen dancers has been performing with each other ever since 2011 and has secured themselves 4 national championships. They are seen for their high energy performances to oldies like “Uptown Funk” and also “24K Magic.” Their drive for clogging has taken them around the globe where crowds have revelled in their one-of-a-kind dance moves. The crowd at the Clogging Champions of America tournament was in for a real delight the second the Tap This! group took to the stage set to execute a heart-pumping routine to pop superstar Andy Grammar’s smash hit “Honey I’m Good.” The whole crew sported matching denim shirts while the men were dressed in black dress slacks and the females wore black skirts. They all sported their white colored, wooden clogging footwear that were ideal for getting the people pumped up and on their feet with their superior sound quality..

Though their dance was shorter than two minutes long, the Tap This! team left behind an impact on the crowd with their skillfully choreographed tap steps and energetic identities. Not one kick, hop, or swivel was missed as the country/pop twang of Andy Grammar’s sound belted out throughout the loud speakers. The liveliness from the guests further stimulated the dancers as they effortlessly completed their flawless routine. Their tapping was so exciting, it’s hardly surprising why they have won so many national championships. It’s devoted teams like Tap This! that are taking the world of clogging by storm and providing this genuinely wonderful style of dance into the mainstream. The video recording of their dance has subsequently gone viral, and for good reason. The 8 individuals of the Tap This! group that performed didn’t miss a beat and showed why they have earned the right to designate themselves national clogging champions. Could we be on the verge of a clogging revolution? If videos like this keep going viral, it’s a sporting chance.

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