8 Adorable Dogs To Help You Celebrate National Puppy Day

God is an amazing creator! He has filled this earth with creatures big and small, and our personal favorite animal that God has created are dogs! I mean, who can’t resist a cute, silly, furry little face with puppy dog eyes? And, we are fine with taking every opportunity we can to look at pictures of adorable dogs. And, lucky for us, March 23rd is nation puppy day! In honor of this terrific day, here are 8 of the cutest dogs on the internet for you to gush over:

1. Oakley: Oakley is an adorable Golden Retriever who loves to soak up the sun! This pup is just too sweet for words, so you’ll just have to spend hours looking through his pictures to get the full scope of his cuteness!

Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool

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2. Doug The Pug: If you haven’t heard of Doug the Pug yet, then you are really missing out! This loveable and goofy dog has totally won the hearts of the internet with his adorable, squishy face!

“‪When someone catches u singing in ur car‬” -Doug

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3. Meeka: Meeka is a fun-loving dog who loves going to the beach, running outside, and getting all the attention! She is really good at tricks… as long as that means she can get a tasty treat afterward! She is so fluffy, I just want to hug her!

4. Nika And Kira: These two huskies are just breathtakingly beautiful! They love playing in the snow & cuddling up with each other… how could they get any sweeter?!?

5. Parker and Sabo: These two Aussies are jaw-dropping! Their coloring is beautiful and, let’s admit it, their fur looks better than most of our hair! How cute are they?!?

6. Cooper: Cooper is an adorable little Frenchie that’s loving life in San Jose, California! This little fella sure loves traveling and exploring new places… I wonder if he would consider packing me in his suitcase next time!

Welcome to my @airbnb ! ☀️

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7. Maya And Willow: This pair of loveable Border Collies are all smiles all the time! They are the sweetest pups who just love each other so much. And to make it even better… they love to hug!

8. Fernando: Fernando is a gorgeous German Shepherd that loves to have fun! This adventurous pup is living the good life… and he’s making us smile along the way!

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