6 Photos That Show What Happens When Dads Are Left Alone With The Kids

God is our father and he gave us our fathers here on earth to care for and protect us. God created dads not just to provide for their families but to do fun and silly things with their kids. We love our dads because of how hard they work and also because of all the fun we have with them. We are truly thankful to God for dads all over the world. Every now and then dads are left alone with their kids, and when they are in charge, strange and wonderful things can happen. A bunch of moms sent in some really funny pictures of what dads and kids got into when left home alone.

1. One mom came home to find a bread roll in her daughter’s hair; maybe dad was trying to do a hair roll or a bun?

2. We all love nap time and more often than not it is baby who puts the parents to sleep, and in this one case, the dad napped right there in the baby crib.

3. Some dads just need to make sure they organize everything; it’s not that uncommon to label your baby as a baby, is it?

4. Moms just throw away the watermelon rind after removing the fruit but dads are creative so they make baby helmets with them.

5. Why wouldn’t dad draw eyebrows, a beard, mustache, and abs on his baby? It is the most natural thing in the world!

6. One little girl really wanted a swing so her dad got really creative and held the swing for her while standing on two chairs. How could a dad say no to his little princess?

Dads are great and that’s why we love them.

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