5 Signs That Are So Confusing, They’re Hilarious

Some signs come straight from God; they remind us of His constant presence in our lives. When we stop for a while and look around we see the signs of God and His greatness. We see God in the sunshine, feel His touch in the breeze and see His beauty in the mountains. Some sign makers have a real talent for humor and when they apply this talent to their work the results can be hilarious. Here are some signs that had us laughing out loud:

1. A sign that read Eagles Parking Only must have been such a relief for the tired birds who needed a place to take a break.

2. When you see a sign that says Dog on Guard, 3 Days a Week, Guess Which Days – your best bet is to probably stay away at all times. The sign is funny yet effective at the same time.

3. The sole purpose of one sign was to announce that the sign was private and not to read it. That’s exactly what it said: This is a Private Sign – Please do not Read.

4. One sign gave a gate two choices: This Gate Must Be Open or Shut At All Times – you can’t really go wrong with that one now, can you?

5. A particularly creative sign read: Attention Dog Owners Please Pick Up After Your Dog Thank You. And below the sign read: Attention Dogs Grrrr, Ruff, Ruff, Woof, Good Dog. Bilingual signs are always so useful.

The next time you are out, see if you can spot any great creative and funny signs.

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