72-Year-Old Woman Births Baby Boy, Becomes One Of The Oldest First Time Mothers Ever

A seventy-year-old woman from India gave birth for the first time to a son. The woman, Daljinder, and her husband have been married for more than fifty years: all of those years’ barren.

The love-filled decades were happy ones, but Daljinder admits there always seemed to be a piece missing.

After years of struggling the couple sought medical help. Examinations, tests, multiple doctors, three rounds of IVF treatments and the equivalent of more than $12,000 US dollars later, they welcomed their son, Arman. Since it is believed Daljinder was 72 at the time of Arman’s birth, this makes her one of the oldest, if not the oldest, first-time mother in the modern world.

Arman, delivered naturally, even got breastfeed by the aged woman. A year post birth, Daljinder admits things were more difficult than she anticipated, but she and her husband have no regrets. Like many new parents, they plan for the future and are thankful Daljinder’s dream of becoming a mother came true.

Watch their story below.

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