4th Grader Goes Into Bank, Tells Clerk To Empty His Life Savings After Watching Youtube Video

Too many times we see kids with tablets or other devices staring at a screen. Sharks, unboxing videos, or even video game tutorials have kids glued to devices. For nine-year-old Nathan Simons, a video on YouTube changed his perspective about the world around him and his response to it.

Nathan stumbled upon videos of YouTube stars donating money and items to homeless shelters and found himself inspired. Nathan showed his dad and told him he wanted to help the homeless too.

The fourth grader asked his dad if he could use his life savings to reach his goal.

Dad, Ethan, was hesitant, but upon greater thought felt he needed to let Nathan do this.

“What kind of lesson am I teaching him if I tell him, ‘No, you shouldn’t be so selfless.” he thought.

After some legwork, calling homeless shelters and learning what their needs were, father and son made a shopping list and together headed to the bank. Dad matched Nathan’s savings dollar for dollar and helped him stay on budget as they shopped.

Everything from socks to sodas, but the best thing Nathan did wasn’t with a dollar. It was with his heart. He saw a need and his heart’s cry was to do something to help. That kind of response is what God calls us all to. Today a good Samaritan was not found on a roadway, but behind a computer screen in the heart of a little boy.

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