4 Men Stand Up And Sing About God At Chick-Fil-A…Then Something Incredible Begins

Chick-Fil-A is known for their great service and great food and If you have been to one then you certainly have heard “My Pleasure”.

You know when you walk through the door that you will be taken care of.
Diners at one Chick-Fil-A were treated some amazing entertaintment as four who were eating, decided to stand up and treat everyone with a song. In perfect unison the four men began singing an a cappella rendition ‘Every Praise.’ I thought this was an amazing performance, but then something started to happen.

One by one, people started to sing along. In a few seconds Chick-fil-a was transformed into a Church service and the diners were the gospel choir. Smiles were on every face. I am sure it tickled God’s ears as much as it did our own. Watch this peformance below!

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