28-Year-Old Almost Loses Hope After Kidney Failure, But an Angel in Uniform Saves Him

When you’re young, you tend to think you’re unstoppable. But, who could blame you? You’re young and you have all the energy and enthusiasm in the world. But, sometime, God likes to remind people about the harsh realities of life. But, he uses those very moments to show us his grace and mercy.

That’s exactly what happened with Clayton Bolt from Abilene, Texas. At the age of 28, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was given two options – a kidney transplant or dialysis for the rest of his life.

Naturally, the youngster did not want to go through the latter, which is a painful, long process that needs to be carried out on a periodic basis. But, he also did not know anyone who would be willing to give up a kidney for him. Of course, his family members were willing, but none of them was a viable match.

However, neither Bolt nor his loved ones were willing to give up. Soon, the word of his condition got around. A few days later, hope showed up in uniform. Sergeant Jay Jones, an officer at the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office and a friend of the family offered to donate one of his kidneys.

Apparently, Jones didn’t even think twice and was willing to undergo all the tests to see if his kidney would be compatible. The good news – it was.

Jones believed that his meeting with Bolt and his family wasn’t a coincidence and that there was purpose behind it. The purpose being that he would be of great help to the family one day.

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