25 Years Ago, Patrick Swayze Danced With His Wife And Brought Millions To Tears

It was 1994. The event was the World Music Awards, for the first time on international TV, and for the first time, Patrick Swayze danced with his wife, Lisa Nieme, to the song “All The Man That I Need” by pop music icon Whitney Houston. A very touching and emotional performance.

In just a few years after Dirty Dancing was released, Patrick Swayze was one of the biggest actors around.   So this performance was a major deal at the time when it happened. Watching it now, since he passed away in 2009, makes the clip even more powerful and emotional. It’s clear that they both shared an incredible bond and their love never wavered during their 34-year marriage.  The couple first met in 1970 when Swayze was 18 years old and Lisa was taking dance lessons from Patrick’s mother.

Oh and did you notice a Whitney Houston cameo?  She is in the audience clapping wildly after this amazing performance. If you didn’t catch it on first viewing, make sure you try and spot her when you watch it again – what an amazing moment!

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