21-Year-Old Son Uses His First Paycheck To Pay Off His Parents’ Entire Mortgage For Christmas

Sometimes it’s hard to shop for people. I struggle with this when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. It seems a little easier to shop for kids, but what do you by for an adult who seems to have everything already? A 21-year-old found the solution and paid off the remaining balance of his mom and dad’s home.

Pavin Smith has a great appreciation for the love and support of his parents. He recognized all they did for him and wanted to show this in his Christmas gift this year.

Smith gave them a letter he put together then found a great spot to record his parents as they read and opened the note.

It read:

“Thank you for raising me in a great home filled with love. Because of all the sacrifices you made to get me where I am, I want our family home to be yours.”

His mom and dad struggled to get through the letter as they were understandably overwhelmed with emotions. Both fought to maintain their composure despite the tears that flowed out.

Pavin had a blessed year after being chosen in the top 10 for the baseball draft. He received a contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. His signing bonus was 5 million dollars. He will have the position of first base.

The video footage was shared online and viewers were touched by the kind gesture from such a young person with that much money.

What a thoughtful way to help his parents. May this young man continue to spend his earnings wisely.

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