200 Men in White Suits Sing Heavenly Song

God has gifted us with this one life. If we waste it by following a path pre-set for us, dictated by the unscrupulous society, we are throwing away God’s greatest gift. Every life has a meaning for all of God’s creations are purposeful. Discovering our passion in life must become the only purpose in life with the mission to spread joy and cheer. Here is the example of 200 such men who haven’t let their professional mundane life mar their passion for singing and entertaining the crowd.

It is not every day that you expect a volunteer-based group to come together with the sole intention of sharing with the world, a voice that brings joy. There are 100 volunteers in the Vocal Majority, a Texas-based men’s chorus group. Work done with passion stands out- reinforcing the truth in these words, is this group of men from diverse backgrounds. A group like this cannot stick together if they do not have a common goal. They are a collection of men from different ethnicities, backgrounds, beliefs, and age. The only glue which keeps the award-winning choir together is their mutual love for music. Art and music is a rendition of the soul. We are elements of music and art. Every cell in the human body and everything living beats a unique rhythm. Even emotions are echoed with different tunes. When there is music coursing the veins through all of us, it is natural that such a group of highly focused and ardent music lovers will be anything but successful.

Talent is unattained without hard work. Members of Vocal Majority don’t ride on their talent; they constantly strive to bring new songs and genera to enthrall the audience. They are most famously known for their rendition of classic hits like “Danny Boy”. The first note they hit will transport the listeners to a melodic world of musical bliss. They take on classics and twist it to add their trademark style. Voices so strikingly different from each other, yet blend to form a unison note, makes each of their performance unforgettable. In 2017, during a live performance at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention, they had a mesmerized crowd on their feet cheering them on as the performance progressed into a magical musical evening. They are not just a group of gifted singers, they have the moves: they are the real deal.

There are many choirs which are as exceptional as the Vocal Majority. Why then does this group receive so much appreciation? The answer is simple- it not a group which was formed to enter the world of entertainment and make a mark, but an association of likeminded simple folk who want to share their love for music with the world. They appease Gods of music with the best-known prayer through their angelic voices. Each of their performance reflects the pure love for the music they hold in their hearts. As a result, a pass time has turned into life’s path for these men. Millions around the world have been touched by their outstanding performance.

All the men in the group are as different as they can be from one another. Their musical journey is also parallel. Finding the order in the chaos, they have successfully hacked into a formula which has given them the exposure to release over 25 albums ranging from jazz to Broadway.

Barbershop is what they are best at, and watching the video below will explain why. Having been around for half a century, this chorus is an invaluable treasure and pride of Texas. In their course of a celebrated musical career, they have performed before the president, at sold out concert venues and alongside award-winning musical acts like Lee Greenwood, Oak Ridge Boys, Jimmy Dean, Late Glen Campbell, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There are many singers of the choir who are close to retiring but this does hasn’t dimmed the shine of this talented choir. There is something about this choir which will definitely bring a smile to your face.

When you say they are a diverse group, they really are- there are singers who look like they’re in their 20’s and few who are over 50. When you listen to the choir without looking at the video, it is hard to believe that an untrained group can sound so professional.

A distinct jazzy vibe spun in colorful voices has won them a strong fan following around the world. No amount of praise does justice to the voices of these men. The only way to experience their magic is by listening to them. Find the link to their Las Vegas performance below. Hear them once and you will search the web to find more events- they are that good.

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