2-Yr-Old Stops Walking, Then Doctors Confirm His Mom’s Worst Fear

A child is a manifestation of true love, the love between the parents and love between God and humanity. To be blessed with a child is a feeling like no other and it is good to give thanks to God for this gift. Parenting is not easy, however, and it is only with the grace and guidance of our heavenly Father that we can be the best parents possible to our children.

Jordan Cagle was a happy healthy one year old just like any other. When he was fifteen months old, Jordan showed signs of not being well. He began to look lifeless and had no energy to play and be active like he usually was. When things didn’t get better in a few days, his parents took him to the pediatrician.A few tests later and Jordan’s parents’ worst fears were confirmed; the child had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, also known as ALL. His mother still remembers the day the results came in and says that she broke down at work on hearing the news.

Jordan had to undergo chemotherapy and thankfully responded well to the treatment. The first month was crucial to his chances of beating the disease but he made it through just fine. The treatment continues and Jordan is getting better. We hope and pray that little Jordan Cagle makes a full recovery and has a healthy life ahead of him. Thanks to his parents’ vigilance, Jordan was given a fighting chance at beating his leukemia.

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