2 Railway Workers Spot Creature Buried In Snow, Leap From Train To Save Its Life

Imagine for a second how terrifying it must be to get completely buried in snow, by yourself with nobody around to help. One poor animal recently discovered that he was in just such a set of frightening circumstances.

Earlier this year, employees of the Austrian Federal Railways were busy clearing train tracks in Gesaeuse national park in central Austria. There, they spotted an animal standing to the side… where it quickly vanished underneath a deluge of snow.

Luckily for the trapped chamois (a type of goat-antelope), the workers were not going to leave it behind. After closing down their operations, two of the men leaped out of the train with shovels in two and began digging.

According to Austrian Railway OEBB, the goat had resisted moving away from the side of the tracks as the train approached, even ignoring its loud honking. They weren’t able to stop in time to avoid covering the animal in snow. They’re just glad they saw it at all.

But thanks to the workers’ persistent and careful actions, the chamois began emerging from the snowdrift slowly but surely. Finally, in what must have been a huge relief, the worn out goat pulled itself up and ran away into a nearby forest.

Austrian Railway OEBB uploaded the film of the rescue to Twitter, where it got tens of thousands of views. Many thanked the workers for doing everything they could to save a life.

“A heroic act!” One commenter said in German. “Normally, little to no thought is given to how difficult animals are at snow depths. Not every animal will probably be gifted with so much luck.”

“Great commitment and such a happy ending,” another said. “Thank you to the rescuers.”

Watch as the men work to free the goat from its chilly prison below, and don’t forget to share to commend them for their efforts.

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