14 year old sings Michael Jackson song to win Golden Buzzer

God has a habit of sending great things in little packages. How easily we tend to overlook this by looking for the great in the large and grand. Singing is a beautiful way to spread God’s word. 14-year old Paula Jiven is a testament to God sending big things in little packages.

Paula Jiven looks like a normal, small, 14-year old Swede girl. Unbeknownst to everyone on Sweden’s Got Talent, this little girl possesses a big voice. Paula sang a beautiful rendition of Billie Jean composed by the late Michael Jackson.

While many critique the judge’s decision, it is important to understand that Billie Jean is a unique kind of song. It is the type of song where after hearing, it is very hard to make your own. Paula did a fantastic job with her arrangements.

She impressed judge Bianca Ingrosso so much that Bianca used her golden buzzer for the season to put Paula through to the semi-finals. The golden buzzer can only be pressed once by each judge in an entire season of Sweden’s Got Talent. It sends a participant straight to the semi-finals of the show bypassing many intermediary rounds.
Paula was also quoted saying, “this is a pretty big thing for me to do, socially speaking… to all those other girls out there with low self-esteem, I want to show you that if I can do it, then so can you. Not all girls have someone who tells them that they can follow their dreams. Then I suppose I get to be that one.”

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