12 Years Ago She Disappeared Now Police Have Found Her Alive And In A Strange Disguise

We all have to face difficult trials and challenges in life at times. God showers us with love and at the same time wants us all to become better by learning more through these trials. Although sometimes it takes time, justice is never denied to those who follow the path of the Lord and ask for His divine help. This father waited for 12 years to be reunited with his missing daughter. The miraculous way in which he found his daughter shows us the true power of the benevolent God.

Sabrina Allen was just about to turn five years old in April of 2002 when she suddenly disappeared.

She had been taken by her mother who was not the primary custodian on a weekend for her scheduled visit. While she was supposed to be returned back to Greg Allen, the primary guardian and father, she never was. Greg started the arduous search for his daughter that went on for years despite hiring an investigator and offering a monetary reward for $20,000. One thing Greg never lost – and that was hope!

For all those who have hope and love in their hearts, God is sure to offer His divine help and support. Finally in 2014 Sabrina was found in Mexico. Because Sabrina was now 17 years old and her mom had several plastic surgeries, it had been difficult to find them. The tormented girl was not leading a normal life for a teenager, being denied access to education and confined to her bedroom. But, all is well as father and daughter reunite happily.

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