12 Deodorant Habits You Need To Quit Right Now

Taking care of our personal hygiene is so important, and a huge part of this is making sure to apply deodorant! Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to apply deodorant! Make sure to avoid the 12 common deodorant mistakes:

1. Waiting to put deodorant on: You should not wait a few minutes before you put deodorant on after taking a shower. In those minutes your body will sweat because of the heat from the shower, so put it on right away!

2. Not reapplying: You probably won’t be lucky to find a deodorant that lasts all day, so reapplying is a must! You should probably try to reapply deodorant at least two or three times throughout the day.

3. Not knowing how your skin will react: Did you know that many deodorants have chemicals in them that can have a nasty reaction with your skin? That is why you must make sure you find the right product before you decide to wear it all day long.

4. Overwhelming yourself with too many smells: Make sure not to mix together strong smelling shampoo, deodorant, perfume and skin moisturizer. If all of these have different smells, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, try a non-scented deodorant if you want to smell like your perfume instead.

5. Not putting on antiperspirant before bed: If you apply an antiperspirant to your armpits before you go to sleep, it allows time for it to clog up your sweat pores and decrease perspiration.

6. Putting deodorant on to cover the smell: If you have bad BO, please don’t put deodorant on to cover it up. It will just leave you smelling like a person who hasn’t showered. Try some clinical strength antiperspirant instead.

7. Applying too much: You need to know where to draw the line. How much is too much deodorant? Well, try out the old two-second rule on each armpit. If you are applying it for longer than that then you may want to get that looked at.

8. Applying it on your clothes: This one is an absolute no-no! Deodorant only works if it is applied to your skin and you sweat. Clothes will reject the deodorant and they won’t hold the smell for long.

9. Don’t forget your head: This one may sound weird but it’s true! Professional athletes know the benefits of applying a little antiperspirant to your forehead. Just add a little dab of it, don’t go overboard or the sensitive skin on your face may have a bad reaction.

10. Don’t’ forget to put some on your knees either: Did you know that you should roll or spray a little deodorant right behind your knees while exercising to reduce sweat? Try it out next time and see for yourself!

11. Forgetting about your feet: Don’t forget about your feet! Before you go to sleep, try spraying a little antiperspirant on them. Your feet tend to sweat a lot in bed, so this is a good preventative!

12. Don’t neglect the thigh gap: If you are a runner then you should try spraying your legs with a little deodorant. By doing this, it can help stop chaffing and helps you enjoy a more pleasant run!


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