1.1 Pound Premature Baby Is Frail and Dying – So Doctor Uses A Sandwich Bag To Save Her

Pixie was a fragile and little 1.1 pound baby. Specialists needed to keep her cozy by using a different technique — a small plastic sandwich bag.

Sharon Grant had a Cesarean to save her 28-week old baby girl. The child had quit developing inside of Sharon as a result of things not being right with the umbilical rope and placenta.

Specialists feared she would live for only an hour or less. They wanted to do everything possible to turns things around.

The baby was significantly smaller than the sizes they had for other newborns. This made it hard to keep baby Pixie cozy and warm. They decided to put her in a sandwich baggie from Tesco.

“It was so random that they had her in the Tesco bag — it must have just been what the operating theatre had at the time,” Grant told shared.

Even though this may sound unusual and possibly unsafe, this strategy has been utilized in the past. New York Times states that an infants’ skin can’t maintain moisture well, so plastic sacks or saran wrap before bundling them up can keep them hotter than a cover alone. The hospital regularly did this for infants under 3.3 pounds.

“It is now a standard treatment, where the wet newborn infant’s body and limbs are placed into the bag, under a heater, which creates a greenhouse effect, and this is the most effective way of maintaining their temperature in the golden hour after birth and until they are placed in a warm, humid incubator for ongoing care,” one doctor explained.

Things got better for Pixie and she was able to finally leave.

“We have been in and out of the hospital a lot since she got home, and she can’t be around other children or ill people because if she gets a cold she will end up on oxygen again,” Grant shared. “But at the moment she is doing really well. She looks really nice and healthy.”

Pixie is presently 5-months old — and doing better and better every day.

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