Zoo Releases Precious First Moments Baby Kangaroo Sticks Head out of Mama’s Pouch

Kangaroos are such beautiful and unique creatures. They have such strong back legs, stunning hops, and sweet little faces. Baby kangaroos, also known as joeys, are amazing to observe as they sit in their mother’s pouch. Other types of kangaroo exist as well, but not commonly known. This is what makes this story so special. We get to see the endangered species of the Goodfellow’s tree-kangaroo.

Baby Kofi is bringing delight to zoo visitors and online fans alike. He is cute and playful to watch, but also the success of a 2-year attempt for reproduction of the rare animal. This type of kangaroo is smaller in size and has smaller lets as well. Their color and overall stature differed greatly from the traditional kangaroo. Many have been hunted, causing low numbers on the planet.

Arkive reported possible reasons why. “Hunted for its meat, this species appears to be extremely vulnerable to poaching, having rapidly disappeared from areas of intensive hunting, even by surprisingly small human populations.”

Staff at the Healesville Sanctuary are working together to protect the breed and captured the little one’s first moments as he popped his head out.

He made several attempts to peek out and say hi and finally crawls out a little further to explore and eat a few leaves.

Baby Kofi has given staffers confidence in their efforts and hope to continue their work saving the amazing Goodfellow’s tree-kangaroo.

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