Zoo Posts Amazon-Like Reviews Of Animals & They Are Making Us Cry Laughing!

Rarely do we think that religion and humor can go together. However, if you examine the history of the Christian faith, you will find numerous examples of great Christian figures having a great sense of humor! Take for example prophet Elijah – the way he mocked the pagan worshipers was actually kind of hilarious and sassy! Faith is not something that you approach with a grim face, but with a cheerful heart.

God’s cheerfulness is evident in all of creation – just take a look at the colors, the patterns, the designs that God has created this nature with! And while we may perceive things that are not according to the usual patterns to be abnormal, to the Lord’s eyes, these are all still perfect. The Oregon zoo to saw something to smile about in the animals it sheltered, and displayed it to the world through Twitter. The zoo began posting reviews of their animals just as people do of products on Amazon. A classic example is the review of a crocodile that was of a peach – color. Reviews on Twitter expressed disappointment on the color, saying it wasn’t as expected, and that turtles were walking all over its back even though it is a predator.

Another review, this of an owl, even called the bird a ‘stylish little’ sound unit and gave it a 5-star rating. Each of the reviews is hilarious – each one gets funnier and funnier!

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