Woman Was Sleeping in Bed When Puma Crashes Through Bedroom Window

We’ve all had that moment where we woke up to something unpleasant. Whether it be a loud noise from outside, a throbbing headache that appears out of the blue or even our children coming into our room feeling ill at the worst hours of the night, waking up to something unpleasant can ruin our whole day. But I bet none of your rude awakenings have been quite like the one this woman had when she woke up to a mountain lion in her bed!

It was the morning of July 4th when one California woman was asleep in her apartment. The next thing she knew a mountain lion had jumped through her window and landed right on top of her.

The woman was so startled that she still hasn’t spoken much about it. Since she is still in shock, her apartment manager spoke to the media when it happened.

“At first, I think she said she thought she was dreaming. It didn’t seem real,” apartment manager Francis Muniz said to the local news station.

Security cameras show the puma, which appears to be a young adult, had been spooked earlier in the day after narrowly avoiding a truck on the road. The animals than ran through the door of a local bowling alley right off Main Street in Colusa, California. Later on that night the puma jumped into the sleeping woman’s apartment! Officials believe that puma might have been thinking it was the entrance to a cave or that it was aggravated by the reflection in the glass.

Thankfully the woman was not injured at all! She was able to think quickly despite the fact that she was startled by the animal. She opened her apartment door where the animal, although confused and disoriented, ran back out.

According to Yahoo News:

John Troughton, a member of the Colusa County Fish and Game Commission, said the incident follows a series of puma sightings locally. “I’ve been concerned about it for a while considering how many we’ve seen in the Butte Creek area,” Troughton told the Colusa County Sun-Herald. “I figured they’d eventually get to town—one did.”

It is well known that mountain lions will usually stay clear of humans. But as mountain lion populations are rising, the interactions between humans and the pumas inevitably have gone up. Unlike other cats like jaguars, which are even more wary of people, mountain lions are able to tolerate living closer humans and are in fact quite adaptable. Despite the close proximity, mountain lion attacks on humans are very rare, praise God!

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