Woman Returns Home On Birthday Night To Find Note Left By Fiancé About Unpaid Bills

God filled this world with appropriate spouses for all of us so that we have a wonderful time on this planet. God wants us to marry the one we love in his presence so that he can bless us with incredible gifts. We must thank God for making Earth a beautiful place to live in by praying to him every day. This guy may be the best fiancé in the world because of the unbelievable gift he gave his significant other. His wife-to-be went out with her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday. The fiancé wanted to gift her something memorable, to showcase his love for her. Rather than buying expensive handbags, jewelry, or any other similar item, he decided to get her the best gift in the world, he went ahead and paid off her car payments, credit card, and hospital bills that she collected over the years.

On top of that, he presented it in the sweetest way possible. After his wife-to-be got back home, she found a note next to the front door. The note said, “The most beautiful girl in the world shouldn’t have to pay bills… well, at least not for a month or two. Happy birthday, babe.” When she entered her house, she was greeted by a romantic display. He said, “I had recorded it previously because I wanted to capture it before the dogs messed it up.”

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