Woman Never Knew Birth Father Even Existed Only To See Him Running Towards Her After 31 Years

The Lord helps the faithful find what they seek in mysterious ways. For a young woman, it was divine intervention that helped her find her parents, 31 years after her birth.

Our parents are the biggest gift the Lord gives us during our life on Earth. For one woman, this gift was given two-fold in the form of her adoptive parents and her biological ones.

31-year old Michelle Cehn was born in October 1986 to a woman named Diane. But, she was given up for adoption to a loving couple – Joan and Joel Cehn. As she grew, Michelle’s desire to learn about her biological parents grew too. Luckily, her adoptive mother had a picture and address of Michelle’s birth mother, Diane, and the two ladies met for the first time in 2009.

But tracking her birth father proved a challenging task. Diane had no idea who the father was and where he was now. But God works in mysterious ways and he brought to Michelle a unique opportunity to find her father.

Michelle came across a DNA testing website through which applicants could find blood relatives. So Michelle signed up for the test, sent in her DNA samples and waited for the results.

In a few months, she found a biological first-cousin, who led her to her biological father. She sent him a Facebook message and asked if they could meet. Then, for the first time in 31 years, Michelle and her father Greg Hicks met in the most touching and exuberant of reunions.

As you’ll see in the video, a super-excited and emotional Greg leaves all doubts behind, as he jumps in for an energetic bear-hug with his long-lost daughter.

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